We like to get to know our clients, to understand their drivers and needs. Getting involved early lets us provide guidance on construction methods, materials, supply chains, and site set-up. This helps pre-empt obstacles and drive costs down.

At BWC Construction we earn our clients’ respect by providing a hassle-free construction experience. Yes, they do exist! For us, every client is more than just a contract. It’s partnering with you and your advisors in a spirit of collaboration, common sense, and transparency to achieve your building goals.

Our management team consists of experienced and commercially minded project managers & quantity surveyors directing teams of qualified craftsmen to bring your project to life. Over the years, BWC Construction has worked with leading developers, architects, planners, engineers, and other construction professionals, establishing lifelong relationships.

We are members of the UK’s main accreditation bodies and promote a “right way, safe way, first time, every time” approach to health and safety. We continually monitor, review and improve our working practices to ensure optimum results. We understand the difference small things make and always “go the extra mile”. We reward our team for working hard, but even more for working smart.

The work we do is complicated. It requires close collaboration between professionals across many different disciplines. It isn’t possible to eliminate the risks posed during complex projects, but through collaboration and careful listening, we identify and lessen their impact. What matters is the care we bring to successfully overcome the inevitable challenges.

The end of a project is a celebration of what we’ve all achieved together. But that’s not where the journey ends. At BWC Construction our aim is to build a portfolio of relationships with like-minded clients and become their go-to building contractor when the next project beckons.